At a recent conference I ran into Ken Haas and John Kostrey who work for Sodexo. They were showcasing a nice gamified course they built as part of the training program for facility management. What I like about the course is that it’s more than the typical linear, click-and-read course. They used a lot of the core building blocks for interactive elearning.

The course is part of a blended program where it’s combined with live facilitated training. Check out the course below.

Here is a list of a few of the things that stood out to me.

  • This a good performance-based demo that allows the learner to explore and make educated guesses. They’ll easily figure out what’s right and wrong. And they get more specific feedback later in the course.
  • They also provide some distractors and incorrect choices that may appear to be initially correct. This forces the learner to focus on their specific task rather than merely identify issues out of context.
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    • Use of gate screen to provide starting instructions. The gate screen stops the learners to orient them on what they need to do.
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    • Created custom navigation rather than use the default player.
    • Timer based interactivity to create a sense of urgency.
    • Progress indicators.
    • Point system.
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      • Contextual map to show where you are in context to what you see.
      • “I give up” is an option. However, the learner doesn’t get the points, but they do get the information.
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        • Summary allows you to go back to review what you may have missed.
        • The course also included a leader board so that others in the organization could have a friendly competition. They used a JavaScript trigger to send the player data to a MySQL database.
        • Go through the course and see how you do. One of the best ways to build better elearning is by looking at different examples, deconstruct them, and then apply what you learn to your own courses. What do you like about this elearning example?

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